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     In 1982, after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Los Angeles, Sarah Bowers returned home to pursue her passion of baking. Sarah first started out baking cookies in a small kitchen on the top floor of the Eastmoreland Racquet Club for their snack shack. With the help of her mother's, Dottie Daniels, outgoing and charming personality, Sarah went from selling her cookies at the club’s snack bar to having more than 50 accounts in the Portland area.
  With the success of her cookies, Sarah decided to open a retail bakery, known as Bowers Bakery & Deli, with Dave Bowers on Hawthorne Blvd in SE Portland.
After 16 years of operating Bowers Bakery Sarah decided to expand and bring back her beloved wholesale bakery “Sarah’s Cookies”, so her creations could be enjoyed throughout the region.
  In 2007, Sarah joined forces with her oldest daughter, Jessica, to become Co-Owner.  Jessica, who is also a fashion student-turned-baker, attended Oregon State University and spent a summer interning in Paris for Fashion Wire Daily. She has now brought her passion for fashion to their hand-cut, hand-decorated shortbread cookies.
Sarah’s Cookies hand-crafted cookies and pastries can be found at your local Zupan's Markets, Fire On The Mountain’s, City Coffee, Sunny’s Espresso, Palisades Market, Chuck’s Produce, and Britt’s Express Lane.
© 2000 by Sarah's Cookies.
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